Data Driven Health Journey Update #1

Welcome to my first Data Driven Health Journey update. I chose to post this on October 30th for a reason – it’s my birthday! I want to continue into my thirty-second year on a positive, inspirational vibe. Thirty-one was a wonderful year, I can only imagine what #32 has in store! Especially now that I’m [...]
Welcome to My Data-Drive Health Journey blog banner

Welcome to My Data-Driven Health Journey

Do you find yourself too busy to take care of YOU? Are you like most of us women who try to blend being a mom and partner with a successful career, all while staying healthy and energized?
Well, I am right there with you and feel your pain!
Over the last six years, I’ve had two children (and a divorce) while running my own company, Nissen Media. I also became Head of Digital Operations and one of the owners of Atomic Revenue, a nationwide revenue operations firm based in St. Louis, Missouri.

7 Social Media Sins Steph Nissen

7 Deadly Sins of Social Media Marketing

As anyone in business knows, you can’t be in business today without a social media presence. We also know social media can be a double-edged sword – especially without a strategy. People’s social media habits change like the weather, and scientifically speaking, it’s a daily study in what is working and what is not to […]

results social media marketing ROI steph nissen

How to Measure The Results of Your Social Media Marketing

Many companies waste an enormous amount of money on exciting, quantity-focused metrics such as page likes, amount of impressions, video views, etc., which are considered ‘vanity metrics.’ Vanity metrics may look great when presented to a client or boss, but often they cause companies to waste money as sales continue to fall short of goals. […]