Creating Your Best LinkedIn Profile in 8 Steps -

Creating Your Best LinkedIn Profile in 8 Steps

You don’t have to be actively seeking employment or be a recruiter to use LinkedIn. In fact, the best reason to use LinkedIn is for networking and lead generation in the B2B space. Creating your best LinkedIn profile means you go over every piece of your profile and optimize each section. Think of your LinkedIn profile like a page of your website that you are going to optimize for Google to search – SEO (search engine optimization). Each section matters to being found through search within LinkedIn and to ultimately being chosen first by your ideal client. These are the 8 pieces of your profile that you need to take care of for the ultimate LinkedIn profile.

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6 Reasons Small Business Owners Need to Stop Avoiding Google+

I’ll be the first to admit that I have neglected Google+ and as a small business owner, I was definitely in the wrong. I stuck with the networks I knew how to operate, like Facebook and Twitter, instead of going to where a small business could get the most value – Google+. Here are my top 6 reasons why small business owners need to stop avoiding and undervaluing Google+.


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3 Surefire Ways to Get Quality Twitter Followers

I know and you know that we are looking for better engagement rates, more hits to our website, more hot leads, and more sales for our businesses. But, I feel like we’re biologically programmed to want to see more likes, followers, and connections as well. I know I want to see my numbers increase across the board and so do you. Twitter, I’ve found, is one of the best ways to increase your network quickly. Below I’ve shared 3 surefire ways to not only increase your Twitter followers, but how to get QUALITY Twitter followers.

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I Can’t Run My Business Without These 8 Tools

You may not know, but Nissen Media is just one person. Me. Steph Nissen. It’s a lot to do for one person managing not only my own social media presence but dozens of profiles for clients in varying industries. But, I’m not overwhelmed. I have a system in place that let’s me get my work done and is still a lot of fun! That’s why I got into this business, it’s just FUN! To streamline my business I’ve tried out lots of different tools on my laptop and on mobile. Even now, I’m trying out new software, tools, and systems to make myself even more efficient. 

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Best Social Media Gifts for Your Favorite Geeky Friends

We all have those friends who are addicited to social media whether they’re instagramming every meal, or liking every status that pops up in their newsfeed on Facebook. If you’re friends with me, I’m that friend. I know, sorry. I just love social media. With Christmas on the horizon, I’ve compiled a list of 9 social media inspired gifts your friends would love to recieve this year.

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6 Ways to Increase Your Social Media ROI

One of the hardest things for most so-called social media consultants is to show the ROI of utilizing social media to their clients. If your consultant can’t show you the ROI, it’s time to find a new social media “expert.” I want to start off this blog by giving a simple way to track social media return on investment (ROI).

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5 Easy Ways to Prepare Your Business for Social Media Black Friday

With Black Friday just on the horizon, you’ve most likely already started preparing for what deals you’re going to run and prepping your team for the impending rush.  However, the new social media infused world we live in means that you need a social media plan for Black Friday.  I’ve come up with a few ways to leverage the power of your social connections to get your business ready for social media Black Friday.

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