Social Media Classes and Workshops

Social media training allows you to obtain the information you need on the exact topic for your specific industry. Steph provides everything from 1-on-1 trainings to company training workshops. For 1-on-1 trainings you can visit the “Book a Consult” page for more information and pricing.

Social Media Group Training

If you are interested in a training class, workshop, or seminar, you will need to contact Steph Nissen directly. Each class is unique in topic, class size, location, and format. Be prepared with answers to the following questions so we can make the process an easy one for all of us!

  1. What is the size of your group?
  2. Where would you like the training held if on location?
  3. What topic(s) are you looking for?
  4. Will you require downloads or handouts?

Training classes start at $100 and increase from there depending on class size, training duration, content, and other variables. Give Steph a call at 636-582-0524 to book your class.