Social Media Management Services

Now you that you have a Facebook page or Pinterest account, what do you do with it? Nissen Media will create custom posts for all of your profiles based on who your company is, what your goals are, and who your target audience is online.

Our social media management services include providing interesting content and consistent posting, monitoring your accounts, interacting with your customers and clients on your behalf, generating leads for your sales team, and increasing traffic to your website. You can also expect customized reports monthly and annually.

But, why would you outsource your social media management?

Hiring a social media manager can seem like a daunting task. It’s hard to know who really knows what they are talking about and isn’t just throwing buzzwords at you. The first step is determining if you need a social manager and I’m going to tell you that you absolutely need one even if it’s not me. And here’s 5 simple reasons why you need a social media manager who operate like Nissen Media:

  1. We provide professionally designed and edited content.
  2. I’m going to save you time to focus on your business.
  3. You’re going to see an increased ROI and save money.
  4. I provide consistent support and training so you understand what I’m doing and why I’m doing it.
  5. Social media and marketing is what I’m passionate about. Most likely, you’re not. You’re passionate about your business and I want to help you achieve your goals through social media marketing.

Social Media Management Packages and Prices

Below are three options for you to consider for your social media management needs. These give you an idea of what my services entail. The packages below outline social media management for only two social networks, Facebook and Twitter. We can swap out networks in these packages, drop and add-on features, and complete a custom solution to fit your needs(Just between you and me, every single one of Nissen Media’s clients is on a custom package!).

Starting Social
Facebook - 3 Weekly
Twitter - 3 Daily
1 Custom Graphic Weekly
Social Monitoring
Spam Removal
Monthly Reports
Working Social
Facebook - 7-10 Weekly
Twitter - 5 Daily
2 Custom Graphics Weekly
Social Monitoring
Spam Removal
Monthly Reports
Maximum Social
Facebook - 2 Daily
Twitter - 7 Daily
4 Custom Graphics Weekly
Social Monitoring
Spam Removal
Monthly Reports
Please note that a one-time setup and strategy development fee is required for all options. These fees will be determinate on the number of social media profiles managed by Nissen Media and start at $297.

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